Undeniable truth when painting portraits from life

There is much unauthentic information floating around the internet, making it difficult to separate right from wrong. The same is true for human portraits. Sophisticated media tools are now used to change pictures and videos.

There is undeniable truth, however, when painting from a live model where the artist draws and paints. While I don’t think there is anything terribly wrong with using technical aids, the experience of producing work of art–as well as the final product–is very different. For many generations, very simplified versions of art has dominated the market. And, while the same might be expected for unforeseeable future, more people are seeking to learn the better way of drawing and painting, because we can.

I fundamentally believe that human are in the midst of great awakening, an outcome from the flood of information that is available to us today. while we are fed so much information and images that have been obscured, we are beginning to differentiate good art from the bad; authentic art from fake. This is a natural progress of humankind.