Thinking about Guns & Roe

The U.S. Supreme Court made some major changes as I began this new figurative portrait painting. As you probably have heard, here are 2 major changes that I am referring to:

  1. Americans have right to carry firearms in public, striking down state level gun laws.
  2. Removed the constitutional right to abortion, leaving each state to decide for themselves.

American is pretty divided on this issue, but here are some of my thought:

On Guns

There has been increasing number of mass shootings in the recent years. I suppose giving Americans the right to carry guns is an effort to have people to protect ourselves against mass shootings. There has to be a better way to control guns, but that discussion has been stalling for decades, leaving Supreme Court to take immediate action.

On Abortion

It’s shocking to believe that Supreme Court reversed Roe & Wade, especially when the majority of Americans believe in some form of Abortion. Based on recent polls and stats, Majority of the States will settle these issues in favor of supporting Abortion and restore the rights of women in the years to come. Small number of states, however, will likely ban Abortion altogether.


I am not writing this to take sides on these issues, btw—we have various news channels for that type of reading. I am writing down this down to remind me of things that were happening while I was working on this portrait from life.

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