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A Master Copy – Diego Velázquez- Done for now

January 20, 2021

So I learned much about how Diego Velázquez painted by copying this painting of his. undoubtedly, in my own opinion, Diego was one of the best painters from those that I admire.

As you can imagine, this master copy is quiet different from the original in many ways. The main difference is probably the way this was painted using more of traditional oil painting techniques than the way Diego executed the original. Second, my version probably has slightly bigger figure (face) than the original, and finally, for my last working sessions, I made numerous changes as I see fit, deviating from the copies of the original. Besides, there is no good reason to keep copying from inaccurate copies.

I suppose I can get this to look very close to the original, but I going to move on with other projects for now.

Once the Hispanics Society reopens, and when I can see the original painting once again, I may make additional changes.

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Portrait of a Little Girl

There is no shortage of uncertainty as we start 2022. There is looming tension that surrounds every country, city, and town that impact every aspect of our lives.

So to put my mind away from it all, I begin this new year by copying one of my favorite painting by Diego Velázquez, the Hispanic Society’s portrait of a young (little) girl.

While, I must have seen this painting up close when I visited the Hispanic Society, I didn’t study it closely at the time. Fast forward some years later, while the Hispanic Society has been closed to the public for a few years, it had presented a good copy of this painting during its Treasures on the Terrace Exhibition back in 2020, giving me a rare opportunity to study the portrait up close.

January 14 Update – Still needs more time on this…

In recent visits to the MET Museum, I have been studying a few portraits by Velázquez, which prompted me to start this master copy.

I look forward to comparing my study with the original once the Hispanic Society reopens and makes this painting available to the public.

Pencil Study from October 2020

Treasures on the Terrace Exhibition at the Hispanic Society

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