Portrait Paintings

Getting Ready for Another Wild Ride

I started this week with the above portrait study of Steve, followed by a composition study below.

Oil on Paper, 12” x 9”

All was progressing as usual until the mid-week when many institutions began closing down to slow the spread of Omicron. At the moment, many planned sessions for this pose are canceled, so I will continue this project in 2022.

2021 has proven to be a year to be remembered. While there has been yet another massive outbreak of Covid-19, I am optimistic that we all will improve in the coming months.

PS: Congratulations to those who had a chance to visit the Art Students of League of New York and purchased The Little Red Lighthouse and a portrait from my Soundkeepers collection.


Omicron is Spreading—The Show Must Go On

With the winter holidays approaching, the Omicron variant has been spreading fast all over the world—New York City is no exception. People are lining up to be tested for Covid-19 all over the city.

I suppose there is much to be worried if one is not vaccinated this winter. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be walking around unvaccinated, but I also believe that everyone has right to choose to be—or not to be—vaccinated. After all, isn’t that the American Way? I just hope that everyone stay safe and that there won’t be another lockdown. I really don’t feel like staying home like the way it was last year.

Oil on Canvas, 30” x 10”

Above is my latest painting of Patrick. I spent incredible amount of time and effort on the background on this painting, but it was all worth it.


Holiday Art Sale @ The League

It’s that time of the year again! Earlier in the week, I was busy looking for materials to frame one of my work for the holiday sale at the Art Students League of New York. All progressed smoothly and the item has been framed and delivered.

December 24 (Update) – Due to rapid spreading of the Omicron COVID-19 virus, the holiday show ended on December 23.

The holiday sale starts next Tuesday (December 14, 2021) — If you are visiting New York City, be sure to visit the league for your chance to purchase paintings, drawings, and sculptures from many talented artists from all around the world. The League has produced so many talented and successful artists since 1875. Only a few things in life appreciate in value: precious metals, land, and art.

For more info, visit:

Following works of mine were part of the exhibition. Congratulations and thank you to the buyers.

Little Red Lighthouse
A Limited Edition Print – The Little Red Lighthouse
Elpis, 5” x 7”, Oil on Board
Southern Wind, 7” x 5”, Oil on Linen mounted on Wood