May 2021: Online Auction

27 May 2021 — Congratulations to the lucky bidder! If you are reading this, Thank you for your support. The framed Limited Edition of the Little Red Lighthouse will be delivered this afternoon and it will be ready for pick up.

Front view

22 May 2021 — Please allow me to take a moment to thank all of you that have bid on the Limited Edition of the Little Red Lighthouse. Thank you for supporting the organization that we all love.

I am happy to inform you that the Little Red Lighthouse is ready to be delivered to the lucky winner. This is a unique and framed version, especially prepared for the auction. Handling frames–especially with glass–is a delicate business, so this will be delivered inside a custom built shipping crate as shown below.

Little Red Lighthouse inside a shipping crate
Little Red Lighthouse inside a shipping crate

Good luck to all the bidders. – Je

Portrait Paintings


I traveled to India some years ago. I have vivid images from my experience there. India is a beautiful place, full of colorful people and big smiles.

Pencil on Paper

It has been tough listening and watching all the news about what’s happening there now. There were more than 414K+ Covid-19 cases within 24 hours…

I have been looking back to my photo archives from my trip. To my surprise, there are lots of pictures of people that I met there, because people were so kind and inviting to take photos of them. I wonder how all of them are doing at this moment. My heart goes out to everyone there.

I hope the situation improves rapidly in India.