A Long Pose after a Long Pause

To me this painting sums up a bizarre chapter that we have lived through since our lives have been disrupted by Coronavirus–this is my first painting from a long pose that lasted 3 weeks. I have done smaller paintings from shorter poses in the recent weeks, but they were color studies.

Painting from the Art Students League of New York
16″ x 20″, Oil on Canvas–Livia, our model, posed for Sharon Sprung’s class at the Art Students League of New York. Inside the studio, only the model was allowed to take off her mask.

It has been a pretty intense three weeks. There is never a dull moment these days. Everyday, I worried that the painting sessions would be interrupted by another surge of Covid-19. I suppose, every painting is influenced by internal and external factors, but it’s pretty terrible when a project comes to an unexpected halt.

While filled with what seems to be all around bad news around the world, there we were, in a studio full of ~20 fully vaccinated artists and 2 models, painting away. For 3.5 hour stretch of daily painting session, my attention simplified by shutting down the distractions and by focusing on basic necessities: lighting, heaters for our model, colors, and accuracy of my drawing.

All has gone safely thus far after 3 weeks of painting at the Art Students League of New York. I am grateful that the League has reopened and that I am able to continue my search, whatever that maybe. Thank you.

The long pause has forced me to reassess and adjust my plans so I can continue to paint. The change of plan was absolutely necessary.

What’s Happening?

  • The Delta Variant of Covid-19: The confirmed cases and death have been going up in many parts of the U.S.
  • Cryptocurrency: China has been cracking down on cryptocurrency. In their latest move, it stated that all cryptocurrency transactions are illegal.
  • The Debt Limit: Unprecedented spending by the U.S. government will likely require increasing the debt limit.