Figurative Paintings

1000+ Instagram Artists and Friends

Thank you all for your continued support for my paintings. It has been humbling yet incredible years of painting.

I am so excited to inform you that my Instagram account has organically grown to over 1000 followers, made up of artists and art enthusiasts all over the world.

Growing audience takes time, but I expected it to take time since I have grown my audience slowly and without paying for followers. I understood earlier on that it’s better to have 100 great friends and followers than unauthentic ones. I suppose I will promote my works in an effort to sell my works more rapidly, but I will decide on that later.

To thank and in response to those that requested to view my works closely, Below is a slideshow based on my most viewed and liked reel. Thank You.

Again, thank you for all the likes, follows, and comments. Enjoy the slide show below—swipe to see all of them—-and Good day! – Je

  • Bird Next
  • Figurative Painting by Je - Portrait of Johnny

The original Instagram Reel