Figurative Paintings

Christina and Roses

Oil on Canvas, 30 inches x 20 inches

This world would have been a boring place if nobody bother to create music, paint beautiful things, or dance to songs.

The following color study was completed about 10 days ago, in preparation for the final painting above.

Here is the same portrait after about 2 days, roughly 6 hours, of painting from a live model. This is one of My favorite stage of any portrait sitting—everything is super loose, I am not committed to anything, but just seeing and painting.

And, then follows a slower—but lovely—stage of looking and painting until the portrait is completed, or the time with the model ends.

Figurative Paintings

Candy Seller and Her Daughter

This is a painting of a candy seller and her daughter, but their faces are a collection of many portraits.

Sometime ago, there were only a few migrants with young children wrapped around on their backs, selling candy from one New York City subway station to another. Then, the migrants arrived in thousands. Just in 2023, more than 100,000 migrants have arrived in New York City, and more to other cities. Unable to find legitimate work, migrants are struggling. 

Why did they leave everything behind and crossed the southern border? Faced with undeniable danger or the fantasies of utopia hidden beneath the complicated U.S. policies and politics, migrants have risked everything and traveled the dangerous path to cross the U.S. southern border. 

Today, securing the U.S. border is prioritized among other world crises. Many Americans don’t agree on securing the border. Some welcome the migrants, some don’t. Caught between these two ideas are real people who have become political pawns as the 2024 presidential election looms.

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You are invited: Student Salon 2024

Sharon Sprung 2024 Student
Salon opens on Monday, April 15th!

It’s that time of the year where all the students of Sharon Sprung get to showcase a few of their paintings from this school year.

Gallery Hours

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
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Sunday: Closed

215 West 57th Street
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Figurative Paintings

Painting on Large Surface

I have been painting bigger than ever this year. It’s one thing to painting something small and let it be cute and all, but I think when painting portraits, a painting brings a whole new feeling when it is life size.

Figurative Paintings

Why Am I Painting?

Some years ago when I set out to begin painting, I really didn’t know for how long I could paint. And, I still don’t know.

People ask me about my plans as an artist. I usually say that my plan is the same as yesterday: paint one more painting.

And, as I keep on painting, I have found ways, encouragements, and reasons to keep on painting.

Hand Study
Figurative Paintings

Portrait of Steve

I got around to finish 3 paintings today:

Portrait of Paul, which I had been working for the past 3 weeks. A painting for a competition that I had been working on for some time. And this portrait of Steve, which I worked on it after completing Paul’s Portrait.

I had initially painted the entire painting with raw umber, and I thought about stopping there, but with two 20 minute sessions remaining, I decided to put colors. The images shown were taken after each 20 minute sessions.

March 27, 2024
Figurative Paintings

How to Start Painting

There are many ways to begin painting with oil, but I like to simply begin painting, drawing with oil, rather than spending whole lot of time using charcoal or pencil.

I might make a composition sketch and/or color study, but when I am ready, I simply begin to paint and adjust as I go.

More than ever, I have grown to enjoy painting fast, but for the mostly, I spend about 2 to 3 weeks on a painting. It’s fair to say that I enjoy painting slow, too.

In progress, after 12 hours of painting.

Two weeks later

January 19, 2024

Three weeks later

After intense 2 weeks of painting, I focused on fine-tuning the painting. Although the photo doesn’t capture all the changes, this portrait has gone through multiple surgeries this week… can you spot all the changes from the previous week?

January 26, 2024
Figurative Paintings

On Seeing and mixing Colors

After years of painting, I conclude that it takes really long time to see.

Moreover, it takes even more time to mix that color.

This is why I usually paint a small color study—from a live model—before embarking on a bigger painting.

This is a small color study

And, what we often fail to understand about painting is its chemistry.

Paint is made of all different parts of earth: soil, minerals, precious metals, oil, etc.

To paint seriously means one also needs to have a thorough understanding of chemistry of colors, painting surfaces, and time.

Figurative Paintings

Painting from Life, One More Time

Many of my portraits from life are executed over consecutive days and weeks. This one, however, was done in just a few hours, and is one of my favorite from this year.

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Speaking of painting from life, If you are in NYC, go see the Met Exhibition, Manet/Degas. There are some exceptional paintings from both painters.

On view: September 24, 2023–January 7, 2024

Figurative Paintings

Remembering Twin Towers

Oil on Canvas

40 inches x 30 inches