Braiding Cornrows in Harlem

For the past several years, my path has taken me to the heart of Harlem where I enjoyed seeing and interacting with people there. One man—I think he was a security guard or something—always greeted me by saying, “What’s up my man!” Then, I would usually tell him that all is cool with me and then talk about the weather or something.

Near by where this was happening is a African Braiding Shop where I got around to see folks getting their Cornrows and I thought it was one of the coolest thing to see. Everybody there had super-fly, colorful clothing, too.

On a special day, I was inside the salon. The place was full of things everywhere, but not in a messy way, but in a way that tables, chairs, bags, and people all fit and perfectly positioned for this composition.

When the work began, things got real intense. I don’t think they were playing music, but the way everyone spoke made it seem like everyone was singing and moving to the same drum beat.