Another Color Study

So I have been thinking. While it is easy to start painting with oil medium, it’s incredibly difficult to become great at oil painting, especially from life. They’re simply so much to learn, not to mention the need to master the draftsmanship required to attempt painting from life models. Then comes a series of oil colors that have all different properties.

And, hundred years of tracing from photos or other mechanisms have ruined—or have enhanced—the entire experience of painting from life.

The pandemic have allowed me to work using digital tools. I have to say I had no desire or inspiration to paint from life before, but I learned that many great artists used photo references to paint, which I found interesting.

Now that we are back in the studio, I now have renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for painting from life and live interaction with professional models and the entire experience.

This particular pose was super interesting, not only because it was all completed from life, but using natural light. You see, because of construction, our studio skylight had been closed for a few years.