Portrait Paintings

8.6 Percent

Okay, it’s that time again when I match my latest portrait with what’s going on in the world! As I am wrapping up this portrait, the inflation in the U.S. is at 8.6%.

As we have been hearing, the annual Inflation rate for the United States for the 12 month ending in May 2022 has been the worst since 1981. As you know, many of the leading economists were wrong about inflation in 2021–they had said the inflation would be transitory. So, when the same economists say things are going to be better, we have to decide for ourselves if they are telling the truth or saying what we want to hear.

Title: Bird Nest
Dimension: 12″ x 9″ inches
Medium: Oil on Canvas

The fact is that the gas price has been skyrocketing in the recent months. If the cost of gas doesn’t come down, the inflation will likely to rise.

With the increasing inflation, I will likely have to increase the cost of my paintings, but for now I am going to keep prices at pre-inflation level. I added a few new paintings up for sale, so please be sure to check them out!