Greater Angle-wing Katydid - Je - Artist
Greater Angle-wing Katydid
oil on canvas
23" x 36"

This is one of the biggest paintings that I have executed over the years, and the biggest portrait when considering the dimension (18" x 14") of the face alone.

As you can imagine, painting bigger than life brings a full range of challenges because there are details that can't be seen. Whatever that can't be seen is left to my own imagination. Layers of paint was applied to this portrait in the course of 3 week period. The small image of this painting simply cannot represent or explain this painting.

Side Story: Due to congestion in the city, I had to walk around with this painting through Central Park. Best part of that journey: A few children gave me high fives and said "pretty"!

The name and the background texture of this portrait was inspired by the wings of "Greater Angle-wing Katydid".